Baccarat Tips to Win

Baccarat Strategy

Card counting, complicated betting systems… Actually, none of these work for online baccarat. Yeah, there is no some strategy to win, because online baccarat is a game of pure chance where luck only rules your destiny.

However, to learn some basic things is necessary even if you think that sixth sense helps. All in all, you need to understand the basics of the game you are going to play. So, let’s learn the main options you need to know and pay attention to making the crucial decisions during your game session.

Tie Bet – Wrong Choice?

Baccarat is rather a simple game. There are no complicated rules or too many options to choose from. Actually, you have three options only. The choices to meet your destiny on the road of hazard.

When you play baccarat online, you have three bets to choose from – Player, Banker and Tie. With these three bets you have plenty of options to choose from. Let’s check the house edge to find out what choice is the best for you and your profits.

  • Banker Hand – the house edge is 1.01%
  • Player Hand – the house edge is 1.29%
  • Tie Hand – the house edge is 15.75%

As you can see the Banker hand wins more often… of course, on the long run only. Even if compare it with the Player hand, the choice is obvious. Baccarat is quite simple to play with one advantageous bet to make – the Banker Hand.

The worst bet ever is the Tie. The casino advantage in this case is over 15%. Just don’t bet on Tie to avoid great losses.

The whole situation may seem boring with one advantageous bet only. However, don’t forget that baccarat is the game with the best odds. So, try it!

Number of Decks

Baccarat Tips for Beginners

To choose the right baccarat game is another thing you can do to improve your chances and win. Pay attention to the number of decks. The lower number, the better. The same rules work for commission.

It is better to play 6 deck baccarat game. The commission on the winning Banker Hand should be no more than 4%. If you are looking for 1 deck online baccarat, your choice is rather limited. Microgaming online casinos offer you such online games. Check it to find something for you only.

Money Management

Any strategy won’t work if you don’t stick to it. The minimum and maximum bets allowed also matter. Set your limits and don’t risk too much. First of all, you should decide how much you can lose. $100 or $500?

Just divide this sum and control the sum you bet during every round. You also should pocket some percentage of your winnings.

For example, you have $200 to play baccarat online. This is the sum you can spend. That’s all. Start with the bet of $20 and keep playing for 10 rounds. After playing them you spend your budget set as you planned. Keep winnings to feel sweet victory.

This is the simplest strategy to follow. Just stick to it and luck smiles at you. Definitely.

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