Online Baccarat Rules

Baccarat How to Win Strategy

Congratulations! You are going to play baccarat – the simplest casino game. Adored by royals, this game is easy as well as smart. If you think that luck only helps you to reach your so desired award… well, change your mind while reading this article and find out what baccarat betting strategy can be the best for you.

Originated in France, baccarat is quite elegant game with several options to choose that makes it a good way to your luxury life. Usually, online baccarat is played with 8 decks of cards. You should place bets before every new hand is dealt. You also should make your choice what hand wins this time. If you managed to find online baccarat game with 1 deck only… well, you are really a lucky man. Play it without hesitation!

First Steps

There are three bets to choose from:

  • Banker
  • Player
  • Tie

Your task is to choose what hand wins. Choose your preference before the cards are dealt and rely on your intuition. Don’t be caught by most common baccarat myth – there are no rules to predict the cards appearing. They know now systems, no rules. Just choose the hand that seems to be the most advantageous for you and wait for the results.

So, how to find out what hand wins. Of course, today online baccarat sites leave no place for you to think. Everything will be indicated automatically. Whether you win or lose. However, to know the basics is a must.

Best Hands – What to Choose?

Baccarat Rules

Thus, here are some card values to know:

  • Cards from 2 to 9 retain their face value
  • Tens, Jack, King, Queen – have a value of 0
  • Ace has the value of 1

The other thing to know is when you have any two-digit total, you should drop the first number to find out what your hand value is. For example, if you have a card total of 15, it will be count as 5 only for baccarat.

The hand closest to 9 wins the game. Simple enough, isn’t it?

When the choice is made, the banker and player receives three hands of two cards in every game. The good thing is that the house edge for baccarat is very low, that makes it one of the most advantageous casino games for players. The best bet for this game is the Bankers. Baccarat Rules

Just compare the house edge that is

  • 1.06% for the Bankers Hand
  • 1.24% for the Players Hand

Even with extra 5% commission on the Banker Hand winnings make it no less tempting. Even then this hand has the advantage of 0.19% if compare with the Player Hand.

Most baccarat strategies offer you to avoid betting on the Time. The game odds in this case are 8:1, however, to win is seems to impossible. While the house edge for the Tie win is about 14%. A total waste as it seems.

How to Win

The best winning hand is a total of nine. With your first two cards dealt creating such a combo it is a perfect hand. On the whole, eight and nine in the first two cards is a natural hand. They will definitely win with no exceptions… unless there is a Tie.

You can beat a natural 8 with a natural 9 only. If there is a Tie, all your bets become void. Of course, if you don’t place your bet on a Tie (which is not so advantageous as you know).

The whole strategy to win baccarat is simple:

  • Stand if you have 6 or 7.
  • Hit if you get a hand value less than 4.

Easy to remember. Simple to follow. Make your free time a pure joy with baccarat. The joy that brings you some luck as well as cash.

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