Baccarat Odds

Baccarat is about the oldest and most popular casino game ever played. This is quite evident by the amount of people standing around table waiting to get a seat. This popularity may be because the game of Baccarat has the lowest house advantage of any casino game. There are three different bets you can make in each round of Baccarat. You can bet on the banker to win, the player (you) to win, or that you will tie. Odds are different depending on how you choose to place your bet, and actually if you bet on the tie, you will see the house has a higher advantage than practically any other game in the casino.

The wager with the best odds is on the banker with a house edge of about 1.15%. In layman’s terms this means that the house will win about 51% of the hands played. Now, no casino wants to go broke with players always betting on the banker so they have it set that if you bet on the banker and the banker wins the hand three is a 5% commission paid out of your winnings. In other words for every dollar that you wager on the banker when he wins, you will get paid back 95c. Wager $5 and win $4.75.This seems like a fairly strange way to make lots of money but most times when you watch a Baccarat table you will see the players wagering hundreds of dollars per hand. And as long as the banker is winning and you have bet on him, you are winning also.

The house edge showing that you, the player will win the hand is roughly 1.25%. For every 100 hands dealt the players hand will win about 49 times. Betting on the player to win has a payout of 1:1, so if you wager $10 on your hand to win and it does you will get paid $10. Baccarat odds for players to win are quite enticing especially if you are a high roller. I have seen Baccarat players put down $1,000 per hand. If they bet on themselves and win, that’s another grand in their bankroll, but if they bet on the banker to win and he does win they still get paid but only $950. It may not seem like that big of a difference but when you are playing for 12 hours at a time and 20 or more hands per hour that difference is huge.

The Baccarat odds of a tie have a house advantage of 15% give or take a few tenths. Tying hands happen only about 10% of the time you play. Most avid Baccarat players avoid the tie bet because the house edge is so high but some players will bet the tie because of the payoff. When you bet that the banker and player’s hands will tie, you stand to earn 8x your bet.

For quick reference the chart below shows the Baccarat bets, Baccarat odds and the house edge. These Baccarat odds are calculated for a casino that is using eight decks of cards in their shoe.

Baccarat Bet – Banker
Baccarat Odds – 0.95

Baccarat House Edge – 1.01%

Baccarat Bet – Player
Baccarat Odds – 1
Baccarat House Edge – 1.29%

Baccarat Bet – Banker
Baccarat Odds – 8
Baccarat House Edge – 15.75%

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