10 Smart Ways to Win Baccarat

Baccarat Tips

Mysterious baccarat game can bring you prizes with luck help only. To attract this capricious lady, read the following tips to win baccarat online.

Clearly, after reading this post you will play baccarat smart and more consciously. Awake to dive into the world of hazard and magic where destiny-make decisions wait for you.

1. Set Your Budget

Never play with your “dear” money. Play with “excess” money only. Gambling is a past time, feast, excitement, entertainment. It is like buying an ice cream… but this time you can spend all your months budget with too hazardous game play. Be smart and have a great time winning or losing some cash, but nothing more. No tragedies.

2. Best Strategy

Actually, there is no winning strategy to play baccarat. Of course, you can play using various betting systems and even make some profits. However, nothing works perfectly in this world of hazard and great wins. Ups and downs wait for you.

You have three choices only – Banker, Player or Tie. Some players suppose that Banker is the best bet if compare the house edge. Anyway, everything is in Luck’s hands. So, rely on its mercy and play with joy.

3. Banker Bet

The best thing about online baccarat is that this is the most advantageous casino game for players. With relatively low house edge if you choose the Banker bet, this game of royals can become a real treat for you. Play with an 8% deck shoe to feel the house edge of 1% that is quite pleasant.

4. Player Bet

Place your money on the Player bet to experience another advantage of baccarat. It is the next most interesting bet for you. The house edge in this case will be about 1.24% that is also quite good.

5. Tie Bet

Avoid it. The Tie bet has the worst odds ever. Of course, you may be attracted with the payout 9:1. However, the house edge in this case is about 6%. Don’t forget that you can win or lose. Moreover, you want to play on the long run, so why risk everything or the largest part of your budget to feel pure excitement? Not for winnings, I guess. For wild blood rushing only. If so, go ahead!

6. House Edge

Baccarat Strategy

Note that if you choose the baccarat game with less than 8 decks, the house edge also can differ.

For example, if you play one deck baccarat game, the house edge on the Banker wager drops slightly. The house edge for the Player wager increases slightly in this case. While the house edge for the Tie wager increases dramatically.

7. Avant Dernier

Feel European chic with most frequently used baccarat strategy called the Avant Dernier. Simply it means “Before Last” and literally indicates your strategy steps. When you decide what wager to choose for the current hand, remind the winner of the hand before the last one. Recollect? Bet on that winner – it will be Banker or Player.

For example, if the previous three hands were won by Banker, Player, Banker you should choose the hand before the last one. In other words, you should place your bet on Player.

8. Martingale System

Of course, this betting system can leave you broke once upon a time. But for the long term only. Try this negative progression system for medium-long period and play to your heart content. How to use it? It is simple enough. You should double your bet when lose. If you win, go back to your standard bet or to be precise, to your the very first bet made. That’s it.

9. Positive Progression Systems

You also can try other baccarat strategies to win. For example, you can add 50% of your previous bet every time you win. And go back to the first bet amount, if you lose. For example, you play with $20 bet. You win, add extra $10 to play with $30 bet. If you win again, play with $45 bet. When lose, return to $20 bet.

10. Commission

The standard commission charged for playing baccarat is 5%. You also can look for online casinos that offer you a lower percentage of your winnings. For example, you can find commissions of 4% or even 2.75%. What is clear, it all comes down to baccarat with the lower house edges. Just look for them at online casinos.

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